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15 Traditional Styles -

15 Traditional Styles –

This sunny season offers the opportunity to test a new way to discover the cultural richness of our valleys. All you have to do is use the “Patrimoyin My Ballet” app, download the selected circuit, follow the instructions on the smartphone, which will be geolocated and take you through the words of the residents.

During a walk, they are guides and tell memories and events spontaneously and simply to the rhythm of their singing accent.

Free, easy to use and discontinued with theatrical and musical interventions, my ballet app Patrimoin is a fun way to find a site and learn all about its history, its legends, secrets, and briefly creating its soul!

Base de Lourdes et des Wallis des Caves launched this traditional style project in 2014 to create a new tool for traditional development and to be part of the development of digital and sustainable tourism.

“Patrimoin My Ballet” is a collection of 15 styles between Lourdes and Caverni today, allowing you to discover the authenticity of the Pyrenees. 15 rich and varied rounds were collected in one manual, which are available at tourist offices and PLVG or download. An original idea to walk the other way, to be tested without moderation!

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