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Samsung The Frame TV (2021) is a piece of furniture

Samsung is updating its TV The Frame with the introduction of some new software and new portable frames.

Since its introduction Sheriff in 2015 and Frame TV in 2017, Then The Zero Most recently, Samsung has created a TV set that is not like your standard TV. They are designed to blend in with the decor of your living room or bedroom. In 2021, The Frame will benefit from some welcome innovations.

Frame: «TV Mabel

Frame is the television that takes itself for a painting. He knows how to destroy himself as a portrait of a database of works of art and a very flat QLED panel installed in a decorative frame.

In 2021, no slap will change as it comes TV Neo QLED, You will get the same QLED 4K HDR image of the previous models. This year, Samsung focused on reducing the thickness: it is now 24.9mm thick, which, according to the company, “ Reflects the depth of a traditional photographic frame .

The 43-inch model can now run in imagery mode, and Samsung claims that customers who subscribe to its art store will now benefit from better AI-based recommendations. Thanks to NAVA Contemporary, or the new partnership with ETC, The Frame TV owners can access more than 1,400 works. Additionally, it now includes 6GB of storage. This is enough space for 1200 pictures in 4K definition and you can store your best family photos there.

Finally, the new interchangeable frames are available in five colors and two different styles (modern or beveled) to suit any interior, as well as the new Slim Fit wall mount. So the frame is the first “furniture TV”.