WhatsApp usually does not reveal in advance which new functions will be integrated with the messenger. After being criticized for the past few weeks, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp boss Will Gadkar are now under attack and confirming the long-held suspicion: you will soon be able to use WhatsApp on multiple devices in parallel.

WhatsApp gets three new functions

For the past few weeks and months WhatsApp has not had an easy time. The new Terms of Use generated a lot of negative messages. Mark Zuckerberg and Will Gadker match it, Provide some positive protection. Especially now many WhatsApp users are switching to other messengers like Signal and Trima. In WABetaInfo Both gave details.

138 unique WhatsApp words for status and chat

  • Multi-device functionality: Will be in the coming month or two You can use WhatsApp on multiple devices at once. According to Zuckerberg and Ketkar, it is very difficult to implement the function safely, thus enabling end-to-end encryption on all devices, even if the smartphone battery as the main device is empty. While this is not directly confirmed, it does make WhatsApp even more so on the iPod.
  • Self-deleting photos and videos: WhatsApp wants to introduce a Snapshot functionality. Photos and videos sent via WhatsApp will disappear once viewed.
  • Delete messages automatically: WhatsApp already offers the option to specify it Messages in a single chat will be automatically deleted after a certain period of time. This feature will be expanded soon. According to Zuckerberg, WhatsApp will become “more turbulent”. The new functionality can then be implemented globally for all chats.

We will tell you the best WhatsApp alternatives in this Video:

New functions initially for WhatsApp beta users

All new features will be in the coming months Initially implemented for beta users And can be tested. In particular multi-device functionality has long been anticipated and confirmed by previous discoveries in the code. It is certainly very unusual for Zuckerberg and Gadkar to suddenly show themselves so openly. But if it remains the same for the future, we welcome it.

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