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did you know ? VLC can help you to download youtube video

did you know ? VLC can help you to download youtube video

YouTube does not make downloading videos easy, but the lack of a dedicated button can be easily created. VLC, in particular, can help greatly.

VLC is the Swiss military knife of media playback and it is not easy to find unreadable audio or video format. In addition, the software is available in a number of operating systems. But these are not his only qualities. VLC can greatly help in downloading YouTube video. Manipulation is not well known, but it is accessible.

The process we present to you here is carried out with the latest version of VLC version 3.0.14. It works with some older versions of the software. Do not hesitate to try it yourself. However, it is best to download for convenience The latest version of the program, To benefit from all its innovations.

YouTube does not offer the option to download videos, but that does not mean you can not cope. // Source: Louis Audrey for Arithmetic

How To Download YouTube Video With VLC

  • Launch VLC on your computer;
  • Go to your favorite YouTube video and copy its address (example:;
  • In VLC, click “Media” in the top left menu, then “Open Network Stream …”;
Where to paste the link to the YouTube video. // Source: Screenshot
  • In the “Network” tab, paste the address into the “Enter network URL” field in the window at the center of the screen;
  • Click the “Play” button in the window and wait for the video to load (it all depends on your link);
  • Pause the video (this is optional, but it will not bother you during the rest of the manipulation) and then click “Tools” in the menu, then “Media Info”;
  • At the bottom of the window you will see the “Location” field with a very long vague address. Copy it;
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In the orange box, the URL to place in your web browser. // Source: Screenshot.
  • Then return to your web browser, paste this address into the field provided for this purpose (URL menu) and press Enter;
  • The video will then be loaded into the browser without the YouTube interface;
  • You right-click with your mouse and say “Save video as is” (formula may vary from one operating system to another and from one browser to another), say the name you want to give the file, and then put it where you want it. That’s it!

The only downside is that the video you receive is not the highest quality video on YouTube. However, it is not bad. In the test video we used, the resolution of the copy recorded on the computer was very appropriate: 720p, or HD Ready. We’re far from porridge of 144p specific pixels, which is the lowest quality on YouTube.

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