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"He's just pulling the plug"

“He’s just pulling the plug”

The question of the government crisis is still completely open. Last January 7th seemed to be the deadline, in which in recent weeks, the sum of the numerous conflicts that have developed within the majority will be drawn. In fact, The dangerous nature of the administrator cannot be overcome. Conversely: we can now say that the real challenge has begun. “It simply came to our notice then Let the government unravel, not us“In fact, Italy announced Viva’s Ettore Rosado to Radio Popolar’s microphones. “Did you say we would meet in the classroom to challenge each other? Everything is fine. We will see if he is right,” he later said.

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Government crisis, Rosado: “Conte pulls the plug from the executive”

“The prime minister is pulling the plug from the government, not us, because he continues his approach of not taking issues and, on the contrary, putting them under the carpet. We can not go on like this. Did he say we would meet in the classroom and challenge each other? Everything is OK. We will meet in Parliament and use dialectics and our numbers to see who is right about this government’s delays. “These are confirmed words Ettore Rosado To Radio Bopolar about the government crisis that has been destabilizing the majority for weeks now. In short, the position of the Italian Viva is very clear: they have done nothing but point out the inadequacy of President Conte. It is okay if the government faces an unprecedented health emergency.

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When asked about Published terms On Facebook, Giuseppe Conte said in his statement, Rosado added: “But what offer would Conte have made? We want answers to our requests. We are not interested in the offers of places or who knows which arbitration table “.

Government crisis

Conte: “They tell me to be patient. But I’m not patient. “

I have been working to strengthen the co-ordination of the majority forces and the strength of the government team. Without these campuses it is difficult to pursue goals that require full commitment and serious vision. Respect for the citizens and for the moment we live they will not allow distractions, ”Conte wrote in his post, issuing a clear note on the government crisis. “These days I get a lot of calls, including official calls to be“ patient ”. But I was not impatient. Reverse. I am impatient. Because the country is suffering, we have a historic opportunity to restart and rebuild it than ever before. We have many problems to solve, and there are many solutions, the solutions to which all major powers have contributed, I believe they are valid and effective, I can not wait to deal with the ongoing threads.

These days I am preparing a list of priorities that will help guide and strengthen government action until the end of the legislature. ” Honestly, Early elections are sure to not be a good idea. In fact, it can be said that they are not really a viable option. Rosado agrees: “If anyone thinks the country’s problems can be solved by early elections, come forward, but I think political forces are well aware that this is not the case. Road.” All news from the city

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