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Zone - Telecommunications is back - Kigo

Zone – Telecommunications is back – Kigo

The illegal download site is coming back with a new domain name.

The most popular in the early 2010s was the download zone Closed in November 2016, Following the arrest of its directors by the French law enforcement agency. Because, Many copies Have appeared on the web. At the time, the platform had millions of users in France, but also in Belgium. The increasingly pale copies over time did not provide the same list as the original until the arrival of the new site, which took the torch, which at the time was called the directory-phone.

Closures of various domain names over the years, and so on The illegal download site has changed its name, Goes from Zone-Telechargement to Directory Telechargement, then to Zone-Directory and finally, to ZT-ZA. Today, his successor continues to play the cat and mouse game with authorities and various rights holders, whose works are illegally available on the site, a new one. Game with domain name.

In this way, the site avoids the increasing barriers of Internet service providers. Faced with ownership pressure, access providers make sure to restrict access to the illegal download site, which does not apply to administrators because it reduces the number of visitors to the site, but not the revenue.

Although this is explicit, it should be noted that works protected by copyright may be downloaded without the permission of the latter or their respective owners. Illegal in Belgium Like France. Legal alternative Many and legal streaming sites tend to beat more and more young people today, with the general public becoming more interested in the sirens of illegal downloads.

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