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Zone-Téléchargement and Tirexo close their doors

Two French references to illegal downloading and streaming have now been dropped. In fact, Zone-Telechargement and Direxo have officially announced their closure this Monday, April 25th, 2022.

Hard blow for those who want to download the latest fashion series. Effect, Two French references to illegal downloading and streaming have announced their official closure. Administrators of and Tirexo confirmed the news on Monday, April 25, 2022.

It is in these few lines that we announce the closure of the ZT site […] We have closed all old and new domains (including ForumZT) linked to our download zone site! The database will be completely erased and the CMS will not be released so there will be no recovery / continuation ”, Announce Zone-TV operators on the homepage of the site.

The same bitterness in Direxo, One of the most important illegal streaming sites in France : “The Tirexo adventure ends there. Thanks for everything. You can make us angry, yell, insult us (yes, yes we are entitled to it, I had to delete the comments, it hurt my heart), until then we will not take anything from what we have done for ourselves and for you. ‘Here. I’m coming “, You can read it on the portal this Sunday.

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Zone-Permanent closure for telecharge and Direxo?

If you remember correctly, this is not the first time Zone-Telechargement has closed its doors. In 2016, the French police conducted several raids on the premises of the site located in Andorra. Executives were jailed, computer equipment and money confiscated. Despite this function, Many zonal-television glass platforms were later developedAllowing the model to survive.

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Really, will Zone-TV be back? According to current executives, there will be no redemption or duplication. In fact, everything suggests that this is actually the end of the download site. There is another unanswered question: Why are these two illegal streaming / download sites announcing the cessation of their activities at the same time? If not justified by the administrators, Everything suggests that the French authorities have disappeared behind this closure.

The Anti-Audiovisual Piracy Association said on Twitter that it did not want to.No comment at this point“. Of course, we will update this article as soon as we have more information.