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Zone Téléchargement a encore changé de domaine

Zone-Download is back

Download Zone Is back, with another domain name change implemented by ZT-ZA site groups.

Zone-teloserger is one of the big names in the French-speaking version. Although this is not the first time that French Internet users have been offered the opportunity to download works protected by copyright, it has been able to unite a large community around its services.

Image of Carabo Spain from Pixabay

What certainly earned him was to find himself at the crossroads of justice and entitlement.

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Zone-Télécharger, a key player in the French Versace

On November 28, 2016, six years after the site was created and was the first site in its category and … the 11th most visited site in France, Zone-Download dropped. A large-scale operation by the National Gendermary actually led to the seizure of the site’s servers and the arrest of several members of its group.

Beneficiaries, however, do not have time to breathe. A few days later, the first clone appeared on the web, a clone very close to the original and built on an older version of the site:

Later, however, prosecuting groups campaigned to shut down the clone. On December 15, 2017, the latter was forced to drop his domain name. At the same time, other clones tried to steal the show.

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A closure without the desired effects

Zone-Download So directory-download, then Zone-directory, started before changing the abbreviation of these last two names as ZT-ZA.

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But now it’s time for his team to change their site identity again. He recently announced that his old domain name will not be accessible anytime soon. It also relies on a new tld, “.cam”, which aims to update zone-downloads.

In practice, of course, it does not change greatly. The content remains the same, as well as the interface. So we can ask ourselves what is the reason for this new change.

However, the answer is simple: it’s about dealing with blockages.

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Convert the domain to bypass modules

You may know it, but France has a record of all pirate sites on the Internet. If a new domain is found, it will be added to this list immediately. For their part, access providers should block access to all domains in this registry.

Of course there are ways to get around these barriers, but they are difficult to implement even for the average internet user or even the youngest. By changing their domain name, specialized sites can temporarily escape these restrictions, but ensure that they reappear in search engines’ SERPs.

Access to these sites is not restricted to ISPs alone. Licensees may submit requests to search engines to remove certain pages from their code.

This new modification of the concrete, domain name is intended to escape all activity. If he were not the first, he would not be the last.

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