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Vodafone Happy Black Limited Edition: Advertising Siomi Xiaomi Advertising Agosto 2021 -

Vodafone Happy Black Limited Edition: Advertising Siomi Xiaomi Advertising Agosto 2021 –

In early August 2021, Vodafone Will return to propose one Smartphone cash For active or active customers Happy Black Limited Edition This time it will be for 2.99 per month Discount up to 100 euros On some Smartphone Xiaomi The only solution is to buy.

Currently it can be activated by the operator Paid Loyalty Plan Version Limited Edition Happy Black, Which has a cost 2.99 euros per month Also, in addition to a list of partnerships and discounts with various companies, it also allows you to access Discounts to buy smartphones And IoT Products and Pass Smart Meeting Promo, By Dedicated Section “Technology”.

It is possible Try the free version of Happy Black Limited The first month is free, Always with initiative Vodafone Month. The first free month of Happy Blog is valid First implementation, As announced by the operator’s official website.

So after that There will be no smartphone promo in July 2021 For Happy Black Limited Edition customers, Vodafone will again offer the opportunity to purchase a device Discount prices up to 22%.

This case involves promotion 3 smartphone XiaomiCustomers who have registered with Happy Black Limited Edition will be able to purchase the money Until August 31, 2021, Subject to any changes.

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Details about Vodafone Happy Black Smartphone Promo for August 2021

Is below List of promotional smartphones and their prices:

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  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G A 199.99 Euro (Instead of 249.99 euros on the list), per 50 euros discount;
  • Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G A 349.99 Euro (Instead of 449.99 euros on the list), per Discount of 100 euros;
  • Xiaomi Mi 11i 5G A 549.99 Euro (Instead of 649.99 euros on the list), per Discount of 100 euros.

Vodafone Happy Black Limited Edition customer will receive an SMS with the code to display in Vodafone stores in order to purchase one of the Xiaomi smartphones in the ad.

It is emphasized that the discounted prices of Vodafone Happy Black Limited Edition will be displayed as compared to the listed prices. It is not excluded that other sales channels may have different prices for the same device at the same time.

So the promo of Xiaomi smartphones will be in it Technical Division The promo is for the current version of Happy Black Limited IoT products like Vodafone Pass Smart Meeting, and Curve and Neo smartwatch.

Finally, it should be noted that from 1 July 2021, the initiative was launched Vodafone Happy Cashback, You can get them every time for every use of Happy Block codes Hashi Cashback Credits 2 Euros, This is possible once the minimum gateway 5 is reached Convert to 5 euro phone top-ups. However, except for any changes, it does not seem possible to get cashback using ads in the technology segment.

MondoMobileWeb Preview. Thanks for the report d. Unless formalized by the operator, the message should be considered exclusively impartial with no informative and business value.

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