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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles in English, which is official, ended July 27 - News

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles in English, which is official, ended July 27 – News

Although it is still necessary to draw a line when the French return at this time, it is on the PlayStation 4, Switch and Steam The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Available July 27 in Europe and North America. A confirmation worth a little message from Shu Takumi, the creator of the rights and the author of the two chapters who care about us here. Unlike the planned Japanese versions of Japan, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles It will be released with us for download only at 39.99 Euro. We will also find a bundle digitally Breakthrough collection Compilation Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy And The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles At 59 59.99 for those who want to start openly before we start asking about the future Ace Lawyer7.

Proud of English dubbing in addition to Japanese and counting 10 cases in total, The Great Ace Lawyer: Adventures And Great Ace Lawyer 2: Solve It takes place at the end of the 19th century as a commemoration of the Meiji period in Japan and the Victorian period in England. The story follows the legal adventures of Rhinoceros Naruhodo (Phoenix Wright) and Rhinoceros Naruhodo, the ancestor of his assistant Susado Mikotoba. The famous detective incarnation of Scotland Yard, the place was renamed Herlock Holmes as Sherlock Holmes had already done. Maurice LeBlanc 100 years ago, it does not underestimate its importance in stories.

Both chapters introduce a mechanic called “Dance of Detection”, which aims to correct some of Sholmus’ excessive exceptions, while the search for clues sometimes involves 3D tracking of elements or characters. In the courtroom, players will take part in “extensive selections” where they must highlight differences between the six judges in the hope that they will receive a favorable verdict.

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In addition to these 10 things from the past and the time we can buy in the art gallery and auditorium, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Contains bonus content including eight additional mini-episodes and three alternative costumes, content previously offered as additional downloads in Japan.

In the Access field, note the addition of a Story mode function, which, once implemented, allows the system to take charge of everything related to clues, choices, and puzzle solving. Combined with the automatic play function, this option allows those who want to focus on the story or restrain themselves in a given passage (story mode can be turned off at any time). ‘S official website Great Ace Attorney Collection Available Here.