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Zeri, the new league champion of legends - all info, his spells, story, game

Zeri, the new league champion of legends – all info, his spells, story, game

After publishing his scene and his story, Wright Games finally provides more details about the new champion Jerry’s abilities. Currently on PBE, it is available with Patch 12.2.

Zeri Skill Details

Run, charge and shoot the bad guys. Zeri, John Spark, hits the split in Patch 12.2

Passive capacity – Living battery
Zeri gains operating speed when receiving a shield. When she damages an enemy shield, she absorbs its energy to protect herself.

A – Raphael
Passive: Jerry’s base attack handles magic damage, strengthens with power and is considered efficient. Moving and starting the flurry saves energy in Jerry’s ionic bag. When fully charged, her next basic attack slows down and causes bonus damage.
Active: Burst launches 7 missiles, which cause physical damage to the first enemy attack.
Burst is damaged by an attack and is considered an attack, with the first projectile having an impact on the impact. Its cooldown matches Jerry’s base attack.

Z – Current laser
Zeri emits an electric pulse, which slows down and damages the first enemy attack. When the pulse hits a wall, it shoots a long-distance laser from the point of impact.

E – Ionic current
Jerry rushes a little farther and cheers his next 3 bursts, with its projectiles piercing enemies. Depending on the angle it will jump or slide against any terrain it hits. Attacking or effectively attacking a champion reduces the cooldown of the ion charge.

R – Electrical explosion
Jerry unleashes an electric nova that damages nearby enemies. Zeri is overloaded for a short time. When loaded heavily, the Zeri receives bonus damage, attack speed and operating speed. Attacking rival champions renews the overload period and adds an operating speed charge. When loaded at high load, the damage to the flywheel focuses on a fast triple shot, which creates an electric curve between enemies.

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