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Zenith: Fantasy-MMO für PlayStation VR vorgestellt – Trailer & Details

Zenith: Fantasy MMO awarded to PlayStation VR

Among the titles announced or presented to the PlayStation VR this Wednesday was the colorful MMO “Zenith”.

According to official information, “Zenith” takes you to a different open world, where you can freely explore and provide many secrets. From the lush trees of the Amarite Forest to the turquoise blue waters of the Radiant Beach to the hyperfuturistic city of Zenith – the world of “Zenith” is said to be fascinated by its detail and diversity.

Access and a capture combat system

However, in the playful area, easily accessible game dynamics and a capture combat system are promised, which will motivate you for a long time. Stabilize yourself in battle by confronting your enemies with maneuvers such as throwing, blocking or avoiding. Handle your opponent’s cold steel plate and let your staff fall to the ground like a wizard and clear the arrows by reducing the time.

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Concerning the story of “Zenith”, the developers explain: “For many generations after a catastrophic event called a fracture, the warriors are drawn to a wonderful story, and humans and gods have to fight to prevent it from happening again. With the power of the magical elixir essence of all creatures, players face more and more powerful in their shared adventure and face the colorful mix of champions and villains. “

Finally, in “Zenith” it is said that your skills in battle are not tied to your class. If you wish, you can instead act as a tank with “Essence Maze” or take on the role of healer as “Blade Master”.

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See the full announcement of “Zenith” for the PlayStation VR Official PlayStation Blog.

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