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Pendant une heure, Margaux de Frouville a répondu aux questions des internautes.

PFMTV’s arrival in Twitz was greeted with a flood of insults

Faced with a hostile chat, PFMTV unveiled the new design on the live video platform on Wednesday evening.

«Show us your butt»,Give us a room tour“Or”Publishing Press“: The beginning of BFMTV sur Twitch Poorly retrieved by site regulations. The serial news channel was launched on Wednesday on a live video platform with a question-and-answer format around Kovit-19.

In front of the camera, the head of the health service, Marcox de Froo, tried to answer questions from Internet users. A complex exercise, 22,000 people had already come for this first edition and often hostile news marched at full speed in the chat space. The quiet and professional nature of Marcox de Fruville was appreciated by some in the audience.

Another live is scheduled for March 11

When a section of the public played together and asked about the vaccine, others said, “Trawler», Make fun of the journalist, insult her and write obscene comments. Behind this flood of insults, we doubt the influence of the forum that rallied on Tuesday. The discussion in this forum was quickly closed by the reviewers.

Throughout the day Twitch users lamented that PFMTV, a channel they consider hostile to video game culture, was being introduced on this platform. Some “Trawlers“Will show”Defend our last fortress“. Others explained that they did not want to watch TV channels coming to Twitch.”By opportunism.

Evaluators play a very important role in managing a live stream on Twitch. But a “Slow modeMessages were activated to reduce the display of messages, and dozens of comments appeared every second. Small sample in video:

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Popular among 18-35 year olds on this video platform, the BFMTV channel follows the traditional media migration movement in order to win over new audiences. A new wave of inspiration Success of French Television journalist Samuel Etienne, Brings in 80,000 visitors each day in its magazine reviews.

PFMTV is planning another live on Twitch. At 9pm on March 11, journalists Matthew Crosande and Fabian Randrianarisova will comment on an interview with Marine Le Pen on the Face à PFM show.

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