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Zelda: Completely rebuilt by Ocarina of Time Reverse Engineering

Legend of Zelda: One of the best episodes in the history of the Ocarina of Time series, as it was the first episode with 3D graphics. The game should get a second life in the hands of the fans because one team was able to modify the code.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was first published in 1998 and has a strong following to this day. But this applies to practically every Zelda game, even Nintendo games as a whole. Because of the various technical limitations of the Nintendo 64 (sister “Nebelverfer”), the Ocarina of Time may not look so good in today’s perspective – even though they are Legend of Zelda games, one can argue about how old the game is. Very timeless.

The desire of the fans to get as contemporary version as possible is huge accordingly. But here you are primarily at the mercy of Nintendo, which is why many are trying on their own (and then quickly succumbing to the wrath of Nintendo’s legal department).

Completely new in modern code

The same goes for the community project with the name Zelda Rivers Engineering Team (ZRET) Case: Because how VGC About two years later, the N64 Classic was completely transformed into a fully codable C code that could be read by modern computers. This is not the first time something like this has been successful, with Super Mario 64 being launched this way in 2019 itself.

This is important because such modernization allows the game to be modified, hacked, and implemented on foreign platforms – but not in the hands of ZRET.

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Incidentally, the aforementioned legal field can not do much in the face of reverse engineering. This is because programs like ZRET do not use a single line of the original code or any other protected object. To put it another way or to put it simply: code is one thing, but if you use it on a specific port, you will receive mail from Nintendo.

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