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Google Chrome now blocks unsafe downloads from secure websites.  Many court websites are insecure.  -

Google Chrome now blocks unsafe downloads from secure websites. Many court websites are insecure. –

Like people, websites can be insecure. Unlike individuals, you can easily determine if a website is insecure. You should see a lock icon next to “” in your browser’s address bar. Click that lock. A box will pop up indicating that the connection is secure. All responsible websites have security certificates. These simple licenses claim that users can securely upload information And Downloaded., The responsible website is secure.

Most of the federal courts of appeal are secure. The First, Second, Third, Fourth, Sixth, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, And D.C. The circuits are safe.

Courts of Appeal are not secure. The Fifth round Insecure.

The Seventh round Insecure.

And this Federal circuit–தெ Is called Technical Court! – Not safe. No wonder the Supreme Court ever changed them!

Some state courts are also insecure. For example, The Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Perhaps the independent state legislature will find a solution to this problem. (Playing, playing).

Sadly, my own state is no better. Hackers Can Confusion with Texas. We defended Alamo. Of course we can protect a website.

Going forward, these insecure courts and many more need to be safe. Why? The Latest version Prevents downloads on the secure page for the insecure site of Google Chrome browser. If I add a link to a PDF from these insecure sites, it will be blocked. Too bad, How to appeal (A secure site) These insecure sites can no longer link to PDFs. Howard Bashman is a national treasure. I know judges usually check his site. Now, Howard’s links are not working.

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I accidentally stumbled upon this issue today. I tried a download Recent fifth round comment, But I could not. But when I visited the site of the fifth circuit, I was able to download the comment from the comments page. With all due respect, Court websites should be secure. Establishing these certificates is not difficult. Failure to strengthen these sites will make it difficult for people to access the law.

I will report back in due course to see if these sites are safe. For now, there is an easy task: (1) Right-click on the link, (2) Click “Copy Link Address” and (3) Paste that link into your address bar. The file will be downloaded because the request did not come from a secure page.