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YouTube Apps Support HDR on Sony Consoles - Thanks for the secret update to

YouTube Apps Support HDR on Sony Consoles – Thanks for the secret update to

YouTube application in PS5 version Now there is support HDR, Which allows you to watch high quality videos directly from your next gen gaming site.

Although released with the PS5 Own support For HDR Media, its video streaming applications do not support it. Neither Sony nor Google has announced this small but important change to the YouTube app, but video-centric news site FlatpanelsHD has released a picture of the app with a background stats display showing the use of the video codec. HDR10.

If you do not know about HDR “High dynamic range“(In direct translation: wide dynamic range). Simply put, HDR allows for a wider range of brightness between the deep and dark element that can be displayed on the screen and the brighter and brighter area – allowing images to be more vibrant and vibrant. For FlatpanelsHD, the PS5 YouTube application is now HDR Supports 4K and up to 60 frames per second for video resolution.


It is important to note that you must actually watch the video that contains the HDR on YouTube. Although HDR has become more common in recent years for games, movies and TV shows, most of the video content on YouTube is still on similar sites. SDR. So it is possible that for many people there is no real difference in daily use.

We also remind you that YouTube hides the number of dislikes in all videos.