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Your Xbox Series X |  S will now download your games faster

Your Xbox Series X | S will now download your games faster

Microsoft a Used An update this week Xbox Series X. And Xbox Series S. This brings a significant innovation, which is integrated with the management of the console’s bandwidth.

If you have an Xbox series at home, you may also have an Xbox GamePass subscription or Xbox GamePass Ultimate. If the service is not required to make full use of the new generation, there is still an additional option.

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We must really acknowledge that the offer is not attractive. Being able to access a list of more than a hundred topics for ten euros a month is an awakening dream.

Your Xbox Series X | S update

Still, if you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription and you tend to download a lot of games, you should have noticed the speed crash when you play at the same time.

What’s even worse is that until the game started, the bandwidth was low, which complicated the lives of all the people who were fiber-free and satisfied with the ADSL type connection.

Great for downloads

But now it’s old history. Microsoft has actually reviewed the bandwidth management of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in their latest update. Once installed on your console, you will see a new button in the Featured Downloads queue.

Called “Pause my game” it allows you to pause the running title to free the bandwidth for your downloads.

In practice, of course, this will not change anything for gamers when downloading titles, but this new button will be very useful for those like me, who have developed the habit of starting their downloads at night. By pausing it while the title is running, they can save a few hours.

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