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Your personal first page!  "Kleinzidung.At

Your personal first page! “Kleinzidung.At

At the anniversary of “Carinthia Options”, the focus was again on having fun in the gym. Kleine Zeitung greets participants with a personal first page – free to download!

From Irmcord Oak | 1:21 pm, August 23, 2021


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Carinthia runs © Marcus Trasnik

Carinthia Lofen, Carinthia’s largest running festival, was celebrated for the 20th time. The New Route and Wurdorsey Stadium delighted everyone as the city ran from 20 to 22 August.

Various competitions – from “AK Kärnten Quarter Marathon” to “Wörthersee Walk” and “Wiener Städtische Night Run” to the final “Kleine Zeitung Wörthersee Half Marathon” – all run fun for the participants.

So this game event will be remembered for a long time, secondary players have the opportunity to download the first page of their personal Klein Zaidung for free.

As? Click on the photo series below, search for the photo, and click “Download This Photo” to download. With good luck you can also win good prizes.

Congratulations on the Clean Jeetung!

Participate and Win: Post your first page on Instagram under the hashtags #kleinezeitung and #kärntenlaufen and win the best prizes!

– 1x Annual Supply of Castine Mineral
– 1x Garmin Sporthar
– 1x Mizuno running shoe
– 1x Panacio Game Energy Bucket
1x Sonner Product Voucher worth 100 Euros

Entry Deadline: August 31, 2021

Winners will be contacted in writing.


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