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You must accept the new WhatsApp rules by Saturday or you will not be able to use the app

You must accept the new WhatsApp rules by Saturday or you will not be able to use the app

Any date for users Share They have to decide Accept the new Terms of Use Serve with your contacts in conversations and audio video calls. The May 15 The new regulation of the instant news site where the Facebook group stands will come into effect Has been trying to get approval for months.

History of the New Rules

It all started earlier this year with a harmless announcement about the new rules that WhatsApp developers have created for their site. Users will have to decide whether to accept or reject them within a month and may opt out of using the service again. This change was taken together by several members Unilateral taxation And invasion of privacy, because it sent some user information between WhatsApp and the social networking site Facebook.

What will happen with the new WhatsApp rules

Criticisms received prompted the Facebook team to take a more gradual approach: Postpone the date On May 15, he made it clear that the multi-month rules would come into force and an information campaign would be launched, which would include the upcoming news. In fact, WhatsApp offers companies the possibility with new rules Send ads on Facebook to users who engage in conversation with them On the news site.

Because Facebook is very concerned about the new rules

This is only a small change, but in reality it is very important for Facebook. The system will actually allow users of the social network to send Most relevant customized ads, Even after the new privacy protections in the iOS 14.5 update for iPhone phones; This change is very important to the team and it is imperative to accept it. Moreover, the multinationals did not even stop several months ago, causing the first proposal to expel users to other news sites.

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By May 15, change will be permanent: for all those who do not want to accept it, there are plenty of alternatives. From the telegram to the signal – the only problem Trust your contacts Continue to contact them for free at the same point.