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Airtake hacked, following "scary easy"

Airtake hacked, following “scary easy”

The trackers can be tracked accurately, which has been confirmed by testing of t3n. (Photo: t3n)

After various hardware changes, an expert was now able to handle the tracker’s software. Additionally, tracking through the item tracker is “scary easy”.

Ten days later Official presentation Security researcher Stock Smashing succeeds in hacking. He tweeted that he had broken the microcontroller and manipulated its software. The controller controls the device. For example, Germany was able to change the NFC URL and open the item tracker to a different domain instead of the “Find-my” website. You can hide a phishing page or something similar behind it. Other experts wonder what the firmware is Airdocks (testing) Not encrypted. The hack is also known as a jailbreak.

Air tag stocking is very easy for security vulnerabilities

Another report from the past few days also criticized Apple’s anti-stocking measures are not enough. After a series of related experiments, Jeffrey Fowler, editor of the Washington Post, wrote: “Airtacs are a new means of cheap, effective hunting. […] Apple’s efforts alone are not enough. He described how a colleague monitored his spine one day and was able to locate him “with remarkable accuracy”. “Stalker” also got the correct home address.

Turning off missing security measures

It has been criticized that three days is a long time to follow without you knowing. This period only applies to Android users. At this point, a foreign hunter may already be following the target person to their home address or another important location. In addition, the Turn off the AirTax speaker To avoid sound alerts. In addition, the option of the associated app to turn off alerts in a day is criticized. This can be done without entering PIN or other authentication. Critics are calling the same pop-up alerts for Android users and password or pin lock to turn them off.

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