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La facciata laterale della Direzione regionale dell'Agenzia delle Entrate a Milano

Pre-compiled 730 Form. Where do you download? What is the message?

From today, Monday, May 10, theRevenue Company Makes available Pre-filled 730 Form On your site. You can only check and download the draft first. From May 19 You can then proceed to accept or modify it and send it to the tax authorities. You can access the pre-filled 730 formDedicated area of ​​the Revenue Agency website, By Speed (Public digital identification system), You (Electronic Identity Card), Cns (National Service Charter) e Fiscanline pin. However, the latter can only be used by existing ones. Biscanline Certificates, in fact, have not been issued by a Revenue Agency since March 1 (as established) Dl simplifications). Those already in use are valid until September 30, 2021. Alternatively, taxpayers can access their own taxes Parking agent, a cafe or licensed professional.

Deadlines to be respected

730 model will have to be sent By September 30th, To sample Revenue P.F. (Natural persons) There will be time November 30. 730 can be obtained by employees or retirees who submit in the short term (approximately by the end of June) Tax refund On July pay or on August pension.

What’s new in the 730 model

The pre-filled Form 730 contains all the information sent to the third party revenue agency By March 31st. There are some innovations, especially those related to bonuses introduced last year. The various boxes are, in fact, dedicated to home exemptions that came into effect in 2020. This is it On the bonus interface 90% and Super bonus 110%. Those who wish to assign these exemptions should not refer to them in taxation.

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There is also space on the 730 model Tax credit for electric scooters and electric drive services. There are also dedicated boxes “Holiday bonus“(If it is used by December 31, 2020, there is an exception 20% On cost), reduce 50% Tax for residents Champion of Italy And subtraction Investing in the beginning (However, this should only be indicated on the income model).

The 730 also has a box. “Foreign Government”, Which must be completed by the taxpayer (with the name of origin) using the facility provided to foreigners and teachers and researchers coming to work in Italy.