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You have to pay to see all the stories of your favorite influence

You have to pay to see all the stories of your favorite influence

Screen shots posted by Leaked Alessandro Balusi show that Instagram is developing a monetization tool available to future content creators.


Source: Alexander Shadow via Flash

Social networks are not new to digging into each other’s ideas. Facebook and Instagram It has proven itself more than once by taking numerous features from Snapshot. This time, the company led by Adam Moseri went on Twitter to find some ideas.

Remember: in February 2021, The Blue Bird Platform has unveiled two major innovations. One of them is to pay content creators through “Super Follow”. “Super Follow” corresponds to a monthly subscription that provides access to exclusive content and many other benefits.

Instagram confirms the plan

In the same vein, Instagram seeks to monetize its site for creators and influencers. This invention was invented by Alessandro Balusi, engineer and Leakage Already at the beginning of a small discovery last May – Ability to post photos from computer.

# Instagram Continues to work on exclusive stories for fan forums

Exclusive exclusive stories can also be saved as a highlight, so it will always be something to watch out for when fans join.

– Alessandro Balusi (193 Alex 193a) June 28, 2021

The interested party took the liberty of posting some screen shots on Twitter to show us the start of a project that is still in development. The idea is simple: some Instagram stories may change exclusively for an unlimited amount. In what form? Again, this is a mystery, but the subscription makes a lot of sense.

Instagram confirmed Tech Crunch What Screen shots Came from a home-made prototype, but has not yet been publicly tested. The social network also declined to give further details and has not yet been able to officially talk about the project.

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A violent color code to stand alone

As we can see, exclusive stories benefit from a purple tag to distinguish themselves from general stories. Like stories reserved for “close friends”.

This new philosophy echoes the words of Adam Moseri Might be the last, The company acknowledged that it was specifically exploring a new subscription system. This monetization of stories seems to be the beginning of the answer to this strategy. There is no doubt that Instagram will take its small commission in this process.