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Bill Spencer talks about future plans

Bill Spencer talks about future plans

Bill Spencer talks about the future plans and acquisitions of the Xbox Game Studio for a big part.

Phil Spencer, President of Xbox, recently shared some valuable insights into the future of Xbox and how acquisitions continue to play a major role in the equation.

During IGN’s unopened podcast, Bill Spencer talked about creating a team Xbox Game Studios It still has a long way to go when it comes to diversifying its first-party portfolio.

Bill Spencer: “When I look at the portfolio, I think we still have a chance to have a family-friendly content.” Party studios think, I think we still have work to do there. “

“The number one thing that empowers our site, whether it’s our first party or a third party, is the strength of the creators, and we need to continue to focus on it. As everything grows, business grows, engagement grows, subscribers grow, we We will develop our first grade skills, which is part of the work we are doing, and I hope you will continue to look at it. “

The podcast is here:

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