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You have no ability or vision to guide us, you just have to understand it

You have no ability or vision to guide us, you just have to understand it

Pepe Grillo’s response to Giuseppe Conte’s challenge by members to vote on a proposal for a new law for the 5 Star Movement was harsh. The Guarantor of 5 Stars, in fact, reaffirmed the desire that “a movement created to promote direct and participatory democracy should not become a single-member party governed by seventeenth-century law.” He also explains the structural, organizational and political problems in M5s: “Conte, sorry, he has no political vision or managerial ability to solve them. He has no corporate experience and no ability to innovate. I understand this and I hope you can understand it ”.

So, according to Girillo, who is announcing a new consultation on the web to select a new group of 5 star movement, there is no place for Conde. And, surprisingly, it announces that it will take place in Rousseau, and on the recommendation of David Casalezio, Conte embarked on a long political battle:

Voting on any other platform will expose the movement to appealing to the court for its invalidity because, as foretold in the current law, the IT tools proposed by the Association to regulate the telecommunications methods of consultation of its members are referred to on the Rousseau Platform (Article 1), and the verification of the voter’s eligibility and verification system Are carried out (Articles 4 and 6).

Following that, the new team will elaborate on a plan to relaunch 5 stars. In short, this is a total conflict with Conte, and there does not seem to be any margin to heal the rifts between the two.

Grillo is actually knocking on the door in Conte’s face, asking him to decide if he should be with him at yesterday’s press conference. “Generous parents or first father”In short, if the former prime minister and leader of the movement wants to allow him to deeply reform. “I tell Pepe I didn’t make it a personal thing, he knows what I had and I respect him. But there can be no ambiguity “, Conte insisted again. The distances of the law have not been smoothed, and Grillo does not want to reduce his role as the guarantor and founder of his work, not only for the communication of Conte Carte Blanche, but also in the selection of candidates, for example, in the administrative and political order.

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