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Vous pouvez maintenant télécharger la mise à jour Xbox May

You can now download the Xbox May update

Xbox Team Announces Series Updates for Xbox Series X Apps | S, Xbox One and smartphone. Let’s see all the news related to different systems.

The Xbox update is now available

“Improved performance, faster load times and a quick restart with a new team managing our quick applications in one place is even better now.” Says Jonathan Hildebrand of Microsoft. “AudioPastru offers multimedia applications with the best audio quality with our external audio system. In addition, from this month onwards, we can use title-based multiplayer games for children from the console or the Xbox Family Settings app on iOS or Android.”

What’s new in the new update

Rapid recovery improvements. Xbox Series X Quick Restart Feature | S reduces load times and improves performance with this latest update. Add a tag so you can quickly identify the games that support it.

Audio Bastro for multimedia applications. Now Disney +, Apple TV, Flex, Netflix and your favorite streaming apps work even better on the Xbox Series X | S thanks for the new feature called Pastru. This allows these applications to bypass the console for the highest quality listening experience with our external audio system. Of course, we will need compatible HDMI devices and enable them first.

Game Trailers with Xbox Game Pass. Watching video game trailers from the Game Boss library is fast now. Games will show trailers on different games and can listen to audio when they are selected.

A new dynamic background called Mots. Xbox Series X | Compatible with S Dynamic Funds, this month Microsoft brings us a new fund called Mots.

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Accepting multiplayer games for kids. Later this month, the Xbox Family Systems app for Android and iOS will support the ability for parents to authenticate personal multiplayer games for their children on the console.

Xbox app improvements on Android and iOS. The mobile app gives us a new push notification. Let us know when our friends log in, update game achievement pages with game statistics such as “time played”, and improve performance and reliability.