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Alors qu'il mangeait un crustacé, un céphalopode préhistorique est tué par un requin. Le crustacé et le céphalopode ont été découverts fossilisés ensemble. © Christian Klug et al., Swiss Journal of Paleotonlogy

A race where a squid eats a shark, and it’s all fossil!

Swiss archaeologists have unearthed rare fossils. In Jurassic, they witness a feast between crustaceans, cephalopods and underwater sharks.

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Platypus, Nautilus, Cockroach, Coolanth or pig-nosed tortoise have become very rare over millions of years.

some times Biologists Not only are the isolated bones excavated, but the remains of two organisms in contact with each other. Sometimes it hunts prey. In a situation like this, the victim’s undigested remains, ” Populites », Have a share of information about their predators, but also about the structure of their organism. Recently, Swiss researchers conducted a study Populites A prehistoric race that is about to be swallowed up by antiquity Species Cephalopod, a femuritis.

Discovered by a fossil enthusiast in a quarry in Germany, it brought to light an amazing hunting scene played in Jurassic waters. The latter is described in a release Swiss Journal of Paleontology.

Eat and eat

Animal fossils are embedded in a plate of sediment. The race seems to belong to the race Prorion, It was like Crabs with many pairs of claws. Belemnite, next to it, has been identified Pasalottotis lavicata, Scientists have noticed an important is in such a safe state Bite In the soft part of his body. Cephalopod Anyone who attacked the race was attacked by a hunter! This dangerous injury may be the work of an older woman Shark species, Probably species Hypothalamus Hafianus.

Belemnite, with crustaceans in its mouth, the Floor The sea before dying. Dating with fossils puts this scene 180 million years ago, at the end of the Lower Jurassic, in the Darcian phase.