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The best PS5 exclusive is to be a DLC (or maybe, a sequel)

The best PS5 exclusive is to be a DLC (or maybe, a sequel)

Return Available exclusively on consoles for several months PS5, Positioning itself as one of the best titles currently available on the Sony platform.

Il roguelike di Housemarque In fact it has convinced critics and viewers alike that a particular difficulty is considered too much by a particular player.

But as we said a few weeks ago Our commitment is special, Return This is definitely a unique game, as well as really amazing from an aesthetic point of view.

Now, then last June PlayStation Studios has announced the acquisition of Housemark, Finnish Software House seems to be looking forward to its next project.

Via Twitter, The group has actually released a weird image with the words “Atropos” and the hashtag Return, As if expecting something to be in the pipeline.

Apparently, we had no information about it at the time of writing, but nothing excludes Housemark’s new project (which could have been easier). A DLC of the original game Appeared on PS5) May appear at the next The Game Awards scheduled for December 10th.

Below, the questionable tweet:

Definitely get good reception Return However, it contributed to the construction of new updates and content A sequel This will definitely be appreciated by most users.

Obviously, as soon as we’ve heard about the news coming from Housemark, we will update you.

If you want to know more about the game, at Review published Spacio Games In fact, we told you the title “This is a very bold move by Housemark.”

But that’s not all: you read that it was confirmed a few weeks ago Return Has received a major update?

If you want to immerse yourself completely in the alien world Return, We recommend buying Sony’s Pulse 3D headphones This address.

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