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You can no longer use it on some phones from November 1st! Updates »

Watch: This will no longer be used on some phones from November 1st! Updates

WhatsApp will stop working from November 1st (on some phones)WhatsApp is getting ready for big changes. A Starting at 1November, The most used news application in the world It will stop working on some phones If not, you will need to follow some procedures to update your operating system.

As reported by APP: WhatsApp no ​​longer supports devices Android With the operating system 4.0.4 Previous versions from November 1, 2021. We encourage you to switch to a supported device Or save chat history by that date.
In practice, on devices with this operating system that has not been updated for at least 10 years, the APP will stop working. The same situation for devices iOS: “WhatsApp for iPhone requires iOS 10 or later”. The same rule applies here: Or update your phone With the latest version, Or buy a new smartphone If not supported by old and obsolete devices.

Basically, confirmed by the newspaper Ambassador, about that Devices prior to 2012 And there are not many people who use it anymore: Despite the criticism, This can be a problem only for a minority of users. There is only one way: if you can not improve, Replacing the smartphone is good.

But who can not do without the APP and will buy a new smartphone, How it stores all data (Audio, video, etc.) Does it contain? By backup used to save chat history: In fact, the default system is automatically created and set up for a backup to store in phone memory. Depending on your settings, WhatsApp chats can be backed up from time to time Also in Google Drive.
Those who decide to uninstall the APP from the phone without losing messages, should do so Manual backup of chats Before deleting the application.

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