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You can download Wordle and keep it free forever.  - Free Internet Users News

You can download Wordle and keep it free forever. – Free Internet Users News

Everyone has been freaking out over Wordley lately. However, that frenzy may have turned to trepidation when The New York Times bought it. Do not be afraid, because you can download the original Wordle through your browser and keep it free no matter what NYT decides to do.

Wordle was sold to the New York Times for millions of dollars

Even if the New York Times decides to put it behind Powell and wants to make sure you can continue to play Wordle for free every day of the week, there can be nothing simpler than this: right-click on the page’s website Word And click “Save As”.

It’s as simple as that! Aaron Rieke tweeted about the ability to store Wordle on your computer, and wonder how well it works.

Even if you play Wordline offline, the game has all the puzzles, jumping to the right puzzle every day, and allowing you to share your scores and results with your friends to continue your competition.

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Unfortunately, if you decide to switch from Wordle on your mobile to Wordle on your computer, you will start from zero in terms of progress. However, you can start a new series, which is great.

As the New York Times notices that everyone is going offline gaming, we hope the company realizes that it makes more sense to run Wordline online for free. He can monetize the game with ads or additional features for subscribers.

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Let’s see what happens, but in the meantime, you can definitely save Word to play offline and not have to worry about running out of puzzles for too long. Of course, we expect NYT to do more than just host the original game behind Powell. So the offline version will not benefit from the new features that the company decides to add.

Is this a copyright infringement as some people think? Do not ask us, we are not lawyers. We do not think there is a problem storing any kind of web page for offline use. But don’t start Wordle with BitTorrent and start streaming.