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Xbox says Bethesda is working on this series, is this a new episode?  -

Xbox says Bethesda is working on this series, is this a new episode? –

Within the vast pit of the Xbox Game Studio, many games are in production, which we know. Which? Some are known, others are of course secret. Now, one of Microsoft’s secrets may have been revealed. Xbox head of sports services – Ben Decker – actually said it Xbox e Bethesda They work Fall.

Precisely, Decker said in a recent one InterviewMicrosoft “has 23 studios between Xbox and Bethesda, we’m not talking about Hollow, Forza, Fallout and new IPs yet, it’s going to captivate your mind.

Will the shower return with the new game?

Decker says the Xbox and Bethesda are tough on the fight. What does this mean? An opportunity, very lively and highly anticipated by fans, this one New chapter Of the series, a classic single player game, a new chapter online (as the latest hiring suggests).

Of course, we do not have to rule out a simple possibility: Decker is inaccurate and he simply means by “fall” Rainfall 76 Thus Bethesda said it would be difficult in the work of supporting the game with new content. In fact, let’s not forget that Bethesda is currently dedicated to Starfield and the Elder Scrolls 6: starting a new fight production seems a bit much, probably.

Speaking of replacing Starfield, we point out that it should be exclusive to Xbox and PC: Jeff Group confirms this on Twitter.

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