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Xiaomi’s wireless charger charges three devices, a nice tribute to Apple Air

Xiaomi unveiled the new wireless charger during an event dedicated to the Mi 11 Ultra. This charging station is capable of charging up to three devices simultaneously without precise placement, which is a nice tribute to Apple Air.

This Siomi event was heavily reported, you can see Summary of 4 hours live. We were able to find out Mi 11 Ultra, Very interesting, as well M 11i, The Mi 11 Lite, The My Smart Projector 2, The Mi Smart Band6 Or WiFi Router6. There were other announcements, including Airbnb. This is a sad love letter from Apple for its sadness and popularity Airbnb Abandoned before being marketed.

18 spools

The new wireless charging platform can charge multiple devices, 3 devices at once. To achieve this, Lee Joon, CEO of Xiaomi, said the charging station uses 19 coils distributed over the entire surface, which can detect the device placed in the basement. The station offers a wireless charge of 20 W per device, for a total of 60 W if three devices are placed there to recharge.

Being able to manage the heat generated was a real technical challenge. It costs 78 euros excluding the Xiaomi AirPower tax, which is currently only available in China.

Unheard of, there was talk of a wireless charger with 80 watts of power. He can charge, among other things, the We 11 Dec Identical at 67 watts.