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Xiaomi Mix 4 was disconnected from a feature that did not comply with the rules

Xiaomi Mix 4 was disconnected from a feature that did not comply with the rules

When announcing the Mi Mix 4, Xiaomi announced an anti-theft system. However, this function does not see daylight.

Presentation of Xiaomi Mix4

Presentation of Xiaomi Mix4

August 10, Xiaomi has launched its new flagship in China: Mix4. Aside from its technology sheet worthy of the best high-end smartphones, this new representative of the Mi Mix range brings a novelty that has been rarely seen until now: a front camera under the screen.

Unfortunately, one of the features highlighted by the brand during this conference did not see the light of day.

Revoke the lost mode of resistance

During the event, Xiaomi provided a mode that allows you to find your Mix4 no matter what. A thank you E.g. Even if the SIM card connected to the phone and connected to the mobile network is removed, it can still communicate with its status at any time.

Unfortunately, in a note posted on Weibo, Xiaomi announces that this online service has finally been canceled and will not be implemented on Mix4. According to the Chinese manufacturer, this technology “Does not comply with existing national regulations“. Therefore regular services, it is necessary to be satisfied with the limits they provide.

As a reminder, the Xiaomi Mix 4 was introduced in China at 4,999 yuan (equivalent to 660 euros excluding taxes). For now, no release is planned in France. So this technology does not have to face European regulatory authorities.

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