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Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo Printer Attached Printer Test: Pocket Perfection and Performance

Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo Printer Attached Printer Test: Pocket Perfection and Performance

We have started to get used to pictures from ZINK (adhesive) paper, the rendering is very original. These 5 x 7.6 cm displays do not show the vintage beauty of Fujifilm Instax images, but are worthy of presentation – according to the manufacturers – with more loyal colors and better size sharpness.

This portable printer does not offer prototype color measurement. During our measurements, we specified an average delta E of 11.5; As a reminder, high delta e, printed colors will deviate from the expected colors. It is estimated that it should be less than 3 to avoid detecting human eye slips. As for our Chinese printer, it is mainly available in light red, magenta and gray shades.

However, this Delta E did not rank the Mi Portable Photo Printer among the worst students. The Fujifilm Instax Mini Link, for example, shows Delta E 15.8. HP Sprocket Plus Measured at 10.7. One of the most reliable printers is the Canon Somini, whose delta drops to 6.2.

Rather accurate shots

Regarding the accuracy of the shots, despite the 300 dpi resolution, the shots offer a relatively satisfactory level of sharpness, especially when compared to instax prints. For optimal quality, the application instructs you to select photos that exceed the limit of 1560 x 1040 pixels.

Note print
MI Portable Photo Printer

We have not reached the pinnacle of photographic accuracy, but the MI Portable Photo Printer does it with respect. However, we condemn an ​​image that is a little too revealing, which affects general rendering. To improve the overall quality of the images, we chose to make two changes. Thus, by slightly reducing the brightness and increasing the emphasis slightly, you will get a look closer to the original photo.

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