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Xbox Series X: Microsoft is working to fix control issues

Xbox Series X: Microsoft is working to fix control issues

Owners Xbox Series S / X Currently struggling with control issues. Many users have reported slow responses and connection issues. Now Microsoft has acknowledged the problems and announced that it wants to provide a solution soon.

The Redmond-based company is across the street Load Confident. The team emphasizes that all products offered are subjected to rigorous quality testing and that all players must benefit from an “incomparable gaming experience”. The company knows it is new Xbox-controller The Xbox Series S / X does not respond well to some users. Therefore, the committee responsible for this is currently working on a solution.

Microsoft recommends that infected users contact Xbox Support. At the moment, however, there does not seem to be a sensible solution, so players will have to wait for more reports from Redmond.

Buttons do not work properly

Over the past few weeks, some Xbox owners have been complaining about problems with the Y button on the new controller for their next-general console. In many cases, the button may not work at the right time, thus preventing certain actions in the game. In addition to the Y button, the X and A buttons must also be affected.

The controller can be switched

So far, Microsoft has not provided an exact date. If you have recently purchased your controller, you can exchange the device for a faultless copy within the warranty.

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