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Ferrari, LaFerrari - Unknown V12, the successor to the Monto Auto

Ferrari, LaFerrari – Unknown V12, the successor to the Monto Auto

To Ferrari LaFerrari Now is the time to accommodate your heir. In fact, the Maranello-based car company is considering replacing its hybrid sports car, which is why it is constantly testing some prototypes of the new model that will soon enrich the high-performance Bronzing Horse family. Latest spy photos leaked on the web accurately show the new Ferrari branded sports car Checking, Before its introduction at the top of the range.

From Maranello’s office at this time There are no official leaks, But rumors thrown Corcoops They have no doubt that the prototype tested by the Bronzing Horse manufacturer is the successor to LaFerrari, despite the harsh camouflage that can be suggested to the contrary. Although the proportions of the prototype in question are loudly reminiscent of the current LaFerrari, there are some elements that actually prove that it is a different model: think about completely different air intakes on the front bumper or a different position of the system. Back. However, the main unknowns are concerned with the machine: the hypothesis of the confirmation of a V12 desire naturally, One or more electric motors are supplied in conjunction with the electrified model.

Pictures: Carscoops

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