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Xbox Series X | Free Games for S and Month - Nert 4.Life

Xbox Series X | Free Games for S and Month – Nert 4.Life

Microsoft has released free games Game with gold of July 2021 Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. During this month, all Gold members and all Game Pass Ultimate members will be able to play four new free games: Planet Alpha, Rock of Ages 3 Mac & Break, Conquer Live & Reloaded, Midway Arcade Origins.

In particular, games with the July 2021 Gold Games will be available at: Date:

  • Planet Alpha: July 1st to 31st
  • Age 3: Rock & Break: July 16th to August 15th
  • Conquer: Live & Reloaded: July 1st to July 15th
  • Midway Arcade Origin: July 16th to 31st

July 2021 Game with Gold

Planet Alpha is a puzzle and platform game set on an alien planet. We must avoid enemies and escape from a beautiful yet deadly planet. Rock of Ages 3, on the other hand, is a tower defense-style arcade game that allows you to create your own levels and share them. Conquer Live & Reloaded is a 2005 video game released on the original Xbox. Finally, Midway Arcade Origins is a collection of arcade games that include over 30 timeless classics such as Defender, Contelet and Rambart.

All Games with Gold Games Xbox Series X | Can be played with backward compatibility in S. Still on the Xbox theme, the third volume of June 2021 and the first July games of the Xbox Game Boss are here.

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