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Xbox évoque publiquement sa tentative de rachat de Nintendo en 1999, une lettre confidentielle dévoilée

Xbox publicly unveils its 1999 Nintendo purchase attempt

Microsoft is currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Xbox. In this case, the American giant decided to turn its history around in different ways. Also need to dig into his archives including confidential documents. Some of the topics covered in the celebrations include a review of events that took place before the first Xbox release. And the question here is about the neighbor and no less than Microsoft’s competitor.

An attempt to acquire Microsoft Nintendo took place in 1999. There is more official information as this method was revealed directly by Microsoft. Phil Spencer’s Company opens A virtual museum In which gamers can rediscover their personal history through Xbox. But not only that.

The site also attracts brand archives. Confidential documents contain a letter entitled “Xbox Museum”.Microsoft is trying to buy NintendoThe latter has been in place since October 1999 and was signed by Rick Thompson, Vice President in charge of Microsoft Hardware.

The letter was written to Jacqueline Story, then executive vice president of business affairs at Nintendo in the United States. His goal was to get a meeting between Microsoft and Genio Daketa and Hiroshi Yamawuchi. The first was one of the hardware managers at Nintendo at the time. Second Nintendo’s Founder President and Grandson. So the persons involved show the seriousness of the situation.

Letter revealing Microsoft’s attempt to acquire Nintendo.

Microsoft wanted to take care of Dolphin

If the content of the letter is somewhat obscured, it reveals many more interesting elements. For example, Rick Thompson may underline that “future video game sites are talking about a strategic partnership between Nintendo and Microsoft.”

In its letter, Microsoft explicitly promotes its Xbox program. But he also talks about his desire to help Nintendo. “The best (console) game of dolphins. “ For information, “Dolphin“The game was the code name of the cube. At first glance, one can only wonder what the purpose of the American giant is.

As a reminder, Microsoft alumni Revealed earlier this year Their idea was to look at the hardware side and focus on Nintendo building games. According to Bob McBreen, the business leader at the time, Nintendo’s hardware “This is very bad compared to Sony PlayStation“At the time.

Between Microsoft and Nintendo, this is not the case

The letter in question today states that Microsoft is considering merging the Xbox and GameCube plans. As this recent evidence shows, this is the basic impetus for the Nintendo purchase. The meeting requested by Microsoft did not go as expected by Microsoft. Kevin Bacchus, director of Microsoft’s third-party publisher relations, summed up the meeting:

Steve (Palmer, CEO of Microsoft from 2000 to 2014, editor’s note) took us to Nintendo to see if they would consider buying. And they laughed out loud. Imagine someone laughing at you for an hour. This is exactly how this meeting happened.

Apparently, Kevin Bacchus uses a metaphor here to describe this encounter. But this underscores that Nintendo is clearly not interested. Finally, it is interesting to note that Microsoft has publicly and officially triggered its intentions to acquire the Evoque Vis-a-Vis Nintendo.

For a long time, actors at the time said there was no question of buying Nintendo. Ed Fries, co-creator of the first Xbox, for example, in 2016 “Never heard of“The acquisition of Nintendo is possible.

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What motivates you to write this letter? Want to buy Microsoft Nintendo? Do you think such a good relationship could have worked? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.