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Xbox PlayStation Platinum Trophy – Introducing a system like

Ecosystem Xbox In the future it may introduce some news GoalsAdding a system equivalent to, Platinum Trophy On PlayStation platforms.

For beginners, the Platinum Trophy is the recognition that PlayStation Players receive when they capture all of the given trophies (i.e. equivalent to Xbox records).

During the recent Iron Lords podcast, Xbox director Jason Ronald was asked if Sony’s Platinum-like system would be implemented on Redmond Home platforms. In this regard, Ronald acknowledged that similar requests have already been received from the community and that the Xbox team is evaluating the matter, although there is no official word on this.

“We’ve certainly heard similar comments. Achievements are interesting because everyone plays differently. So when we think about it, we ask ourselves: How do we reward those who play in different ways and games? There are some players who like multiplayer. Others who like to play different titles, Then people like me are perfect and want to complete everything 100% in one game. ”

“So, it’s about finding balance and this is definitely a topic we have received some feedback on. There is nothing to announce today, but it is definitely one of our priorities as we look at the way forward.”

From Ronald’s words, a system similar to or similar to the Platinum Trophy of Sony consoles could also come in the Xbox ecosystem. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

Following this, today Microsoft has opened an interactive virtual museum dedicated to the history of the Xbox.

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