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Xbox Plans "What's Next for Gaming" Conference Coming Soon |  Xbox One

Xbox Plans “What’s Next for Gaming” Conference Coming Soon | Xbox One

We announced to you in February that Microsoft is planning Many events and conferences This year is related to Xbox and its cloud gaming. GameStack was expected at these events, highlighting the Azure PlayFace tools used to facilitate the development of games using cloud infrastructure. We are learning now ZDNet The “What’s Next for Gaming” event is set to take place as part of the Microsoft Built Conference, which was confirmed by Azure’s chief technology officer. We take these upcoming events today.

Game Layer, the new range of cloud

Microsoft has shown a particular interest in using the cloud for the benefit of video game development by acquiring Start-up PlayFall in 2018, before fully integrating it into its cloud architecture. Azure PlayFab provides servers for developers, but also provides solutions for matchmaking, chat, and other essential features for many topics. By providing access via the cloud, Microsoft saves studios time and allows them to use tools that require hardware and storage capacity.

IT software is one of the studios that has used technologies provided by Microsoft to enable them to create content in multiplayer mode. Doom is eternity Within a year, according to Travis Bradshaw, a senior programmer at Studio Services. The GameStack conference, which takes place between April 20 and 21, is specifically aimed at developers and Azure Playfob promotes the software package available to them, especially independent studios that do not benefit from sufficient resources to design proprietary solutions.

Microsoft Cloud Gaming: A service for Xbox creators and gamers

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Latest information about Reject purchase negotiations Report back to Microsoft’s desire to set foot in the world of social platforms, but above all it will prove to be an important asset to Microsoft’s cloud gaming services, in which we can imagine Discord being integrated as a chat solution. You can change the dimension of studio’s online services or, like a manufacturer like Nintendo that can use Playfoop, player communities and existing services in use may be in addition to Xbox Live Clubs.

The future of Microsoft built and development

Microsoft Built is a conference dedicated to Redmond developers. It looks at all of its new development technologies for PC, console or magnified reality. With the introduction Xbox Series S And Xbox Series X., Microsoft has provided software tools included in the DirectX12 that make it possible to manage ray tracing specifically on the console, or even machine learning for a variety of applications, including the supermodel already used on Nvidia’s DLSS system.

However, the new consoles did not use these so-called “next-gen” tools, not only because of the support of previous generation engines, but also because of the late arrival of Devkits in the hands of developers. The Microsoft Built event, scheduled for May 25-27, may be an opportunity for Microsoft to show concrete examples of results that can be expected from the Xbox series if games make full use of the DirectX 12 solutions, but we will be very careful that built conferences have never been an opportunity to highlight Microsoft video games.

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What’s next for gaming: le futur de Xbox

An event, according to ZDNet What’s next for Game Gaming This year’s game is planned on the sidelines of the Stack and Built events, and it’s with Microsoft talking about what it is preparing for the future of video games with its Xbox branch. We can only imagine that this will happen between April and June, before the big annual E3 conference.

It’s hard to imagine now what Microsoft might offer at an event like this dedicated to video games, but the big game announcements will definitely be recorded in June. For its “What’s Next for Gaming” conference, Xbox could focus more on the demonstration of some bonus games on its Xbox Game Pass and X Cloud services. For example, we know that games that can be played for free no longer require Xbox Live Gold or that xCloud should come on iOS and PC. Dedicated after a conference in March Xbox Indie Games, The brand is now expected in big year-end releases Forza Harrison5 This seems more and more clear.