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The project takes shape, here is the latest artwork

The project takes shape, here is the latest artwork

The work continues Keiziro Toyama’s new horror game. Bokeh Game Studies, directed by Silent Hill’s father, will reappear on social media, displaying a new, scary product sketch that will help outline the definitions of this dark color experience moving art (and therefore playful) structure.

Boys who follow Toyama pay homage to the creative designer in sharing new artwork through their social profiles Sori Chrono, Reaffirms their desire to use this and other paintings that have been shown to date to shape the horror universe of their next intellectual property.

Under the careful creative oversight of the former Sony Exponent, the Bokeh Game team wants to give shape to an experience that Toyama recently mentioned in an interview, “Aims to shake up the daily lives of gamers. My horror titles are a must report The perpetual feeling of restlessness It’s unrealistic to live in a peaceful world that always calls users to their own convictions. “.

The unrest mentioned by Silent Hill’s father is best reflected in Chrono’s recent work, which depicts a woman halfway between the monsters of a woman’s work wrapped in scrolls. HP Lovecraft And humans are no less “compromised” Hans Rudy kicker. For those who like the genre, we recommend looking at ours H.R. Specializes in the works of Kiker and Sorn.

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