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Horizon Forbidden West: 15 minute game in video - PS5 flexes muscles

Horizon Forbidden West: 15 minute game in video – PS5 flexes muscles

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Finally Harrison has the banned West Sporting Goods. In a 15-minute video, the new PS5 from Sony really makes its muscles flexible.

Amsterdam, Netherlands – The wait is finally over. We had to wait a long time after the revelation Trailer What can be seen from last year’s final game. The time has come, Gorilla Games Horizon showed 14 minutes of exclusive games from the Forbidden West, which will be available later this year PS5 And PS4 will appear.

Release (first release date) 2021
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
சீரி Horizon
Walkway PS5, PS4
Developer Gorilla game
Type Action RPG, Open World

Horizon Forbidden West: The first game of guerrilla games is shown

Livestream on May 27, 2021 “Game level“PlaySession, which’s about the Horizon Forbidden West. Developer Gorilla Games recorded a stream of moving nature images from the game world for a few hours before the actual performance began. .

But the time has finally come, and fans can watch the 14-minute scene from the Horizon Forbidden West, including the game. About six months after the Horizon Zero Dawn events, the crash scenes in front of San Francisco begin on the beach. Then sports director Mathiez de Jong gives a short introduction, after which it goes straight to the game scenes.

The order shown from the Horizon Forbidden West includes shortcut views and games. The protagonist moves through an area of ​​alloy forest, densely developed ruins, beach and underwater paths. Aloy is looking for his friend Erend, whom we already know from the first part, who needs to be freed from the clutches of the rowdies. With the help of machines they took control of their friend.

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Horizon Forbidden West: Gorilla game shows first game footage

© Gorilla Game

It is not yet known exactly when the Horizon Forbidden West will be released. An insider recently leaked a release date, but fans didn’t believe it. As long as they play the game themselves, fans should watch the game shown in a cycle. Alternatively, Sony has also provided good jobs with PS Plus free games for June 2021.

Horizon Forbidden West: Gorilla game makes a strong first appearance in the game

In addition to the game, fans are definitely excited to see what the game will look like on the PS5. Apparently, developer Harrison continued to map with the Forbidden West, right where they left off their predecessor. The environment in the scenes shown is very detailed and the atmosphere is similar to that of Horizon Zero Dawn. Mechanical resistors are now shown in more detail and are very similar to their organic models.

With Horizon Zero Dawn, they have already proven that guerrilla games can create a crisp game including a different combat system. The first part of the series already delighted the fans with different enemies, they all had different weak points and could fight with different weapons. It appears that the Horizon Forbidden West will deepen this system.

The game shows a variety of content from the game, including diving, climbing and of course fighting. Alloy now has many new tools to explore the world. A breathing mask allows diving. The underwater world seems to be alive and “swimming” freely. In the Horizon Forbidden West, climbing sites will not be permanently highlighted unlike the predecessor. Instead, players now need to activate the focus scanner to do this.

Horizon Forbidden West: New game elements and enemies

© Gorilla Game

To make it easier to climb the Horizon Forbidden West, there is a hook that can be fired. In order not to take the fall damage from a great height, now you have at your disposal a paraglider. Its purpose is to make the open world more accessible. But that’s not the only change in the game. Not only is the game world moving, the combat system has also been revised.

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Like its predecessors, Alloy Horizon relies on a variety of weapons and tools in the Forbidden West that are accessible via the arm wheel. The spear is back. Melee combat seems to have been reworked, however, which makes it an integral part of the game. In addition, there are different types of human enemies with individual weak points due to the shield.

Rubricklistenbuild: © Gorilla Game