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Failed in Japan, less than 2,100 physical copies sold - Nert 4.Life

Failed in Japan, less than 2,100 physical copies sold – Nert 4.Life

Balan Wonder World This is a failure in Japan. The verdict came from Cartridge Games on Twitter that the game had been sold Less than 2,100 body copies on Japanese soil In the first week, it failed to get the top 30 spots.

Balan Wonder World It missed the Nintendo Eshop Top 30 In both Japan and North America, the UK is in the top 40 in body sales. Currently no PlayStation Store data is available, but the results will be the same.

Players had the opportunity to try out the Ballon WonderWorld demo in late January and criticized the work from various angles. Some issues in the game have been fixed with Patch D1 (E.g. risk of epilepsy attack), but it is clear that many elements of the game are strongly linked to the playful design, and the whole work cannot be modified without revolution.

Unfortunately, the Squire Enix title does not seem to trust players from North America, Japan and the United Kingdom. By Metacritic, many 10/10 are assigned to games by users, but they are clearly bots.

Balan is a failure at Wonderworld

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