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Xbox Microsoft is headed by Satya Nadella - CEO

Xbox Microsoft is headed by Satya Nadella – CEO

Xbox Many more Central In projects Microsoft More than in the past, according to CEO Satya Nadella in an interview with the Beverly Hills Code Conference.

According to நாதெல்லா, It’s true that the Xbox division has always been a part of Microsoft, but in the past it was more marginalized than it is today. The company’s senior executive said that Xbox is built around Microsoft’s cloud technologies, and for this reason services such as Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Live are seen as basic, not only for the users they attract, but also as a way to push the cloud (thus making billions of dollars in revenue for Microsoft).

If we want, the reading services provided by Microsoft, especially Xbox, are really misleading and restrictive in their use of the video games world in particular, because in reality they have goals to communicate with others, and they cannot be ignored.

Considering Microsoft Xbox as a hub in the past is no mystery to this day. How can we forget the release of the Xbox One, which almost convinced the company’s top management to pull the division? Fortunately Bill Spencer The situation has changed and now this risk no longer works.

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