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Astro, a cute little robot from Amazon, will help you around the house

Astro, a cute little robot from Amazon, will help you around the house

During the conference going back to school, Amazon unveiled a weird robot that was cute and cute. Astro will understand your house, map it, move it around, monitor it

Astro, a cute little robot from Amazon, will help you around the house

Is there an area where Amazon has not yet set foot? On Tuesday, during a pre-school conference to present all of these new products, the company unveiled a number of products, including a new Echo Show 15 smart screen and, above all, an amazing robot for the home.

The Amazon Astro will become indoor by the end of this year. Behind this familiar name for the robot, you can see a module with a head on three wheels and a screen that bends a round eye.

Astro, a cute little robot from Amazon, will help you around the house

A rolling screen with a unique personality

“This is our first robot, but not our last.” We proudly announce from the Seattle side. Astro has it all. First, by its appearance. He was inspired by robots from popular movies, series and cartoons, and it gives instant bonhomie with his animated face and round eyes. ” We wanted to give it a unique personality », Explains Dave Limp, Head of Devices and Services. Amazon promises to be able to interact with the people around it and their actions.

As Astro relies on its artificial intelligence, apparently promoted on board by Alexa, it relies on its screen to display useful information that will be useful to you and when responding to your voice commands. On its enabled screen, it can share notifications, video calls, visual video or music content with your contacts.

A home guard

The robot can be viewed superficially through the periscope camera at the end of the telescope arm.

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Astro is going to be super for anything. This little home robot travels at almost a meter per second, can map your home, and can detect even small changes. It recognizes the faces of residents so that an intruder or unknown person can be detected.

If you leave your house, Astro will detect it and know that it can change“Patrol”Move freely around the house and act as guardians. Amazon is coming forward to integrate it with the Ring Protect Pro program so that it can be active at home and report unusual activities with notice. You can watch videos stored in your Ring account.

Alexa and all its on-board functions

Alexa allows Echo Show to provide the functionality often found on smart displays. As a bonus it has the advantage of having a screen tilted at the end of its predecessor “head”. You can take advantage of information, streaming services, your calendar reminders, release times or calls to relatives, especially if there is a problem, coming to its owner and following him during the trip. ‘Video call.

Amazon promises to build its robot over time with many updates to add functionality. In particular, it will be compatible with the new Amazon Together functionality, a support service for seniors or dependents that allows them to stay in permanent contact with their loved ones (reserved for the United States).

Astro can switch to trouble-free mode

Astro can switch to trouble-free mode

Privacy is not forgotten and the “Do Not Disturb” mode can be enabled so that Astro controls its time according to the time of day, defining the areas you do not want to go. Or cut off microphones and camera.

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The Amazon Astro will sell for $ 999.99 (excluding tax) in the United States by the end of the year. However, no release is currently planned in France.