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How to reduce PDF file size?

How to reduce PDF file size?

If you happen to be doing administrative procedures on the web, you are undoubtedly already blocked because the PDF file is too large. Whether you send a document by email or upload it to an online service, there is usually a limit to the amount you can send your documents.

In most cases, the largest PDFs all look the same: they are scanned by a dedicated scanner or mobile application and the scanning parameters are configured by default to get the optimal quality. The only problem is that if the scanned document has too many pages, it will get bigger if you have not configured it properly before.
By default, a scanner will scan your documents at 300 DPI (dot per inch or French PPP, pixels per inch), while 150 DPI (or 150 DPI) resolution will suffice. For example, text only.

To rectify the situation, it is quite possible to use compression tools dedicated to PDF format. Despite the free online services, there is no guarantee that these sites will not use the sensitive personal data that may be in your documents, which will enable this functionality without interruption. Therefore, we can only advise you as much as possible to avoid sending personal documents to third party online services to perform this type of operation.

Instead, it’s best to turn to applications running locally on your computer. There are many that are completely free on Windows, just like on MacOS, which allows you to compress your PDF files as you drag and drop. Here they are.

How to compress PDF file in Windows?

There are numerous PDF compression applications in Windows. However, our choice fell on the free PDF compressor, which is a free, lightweight and easy-to-use application, second only to its reputation.

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1. Download Free PDF Compressor

If you do not already have one, get started by downloading a free PDF compressor to your computer. Then install the software on your computer and open it.

Download Free PDF Compressor for Windows (Free)

2. Select the PDF to compress

In the free PDF compressor window, on the line PDF fileClick Browse, Then select the PDF file to compress in the File Explorer window that appears. By default, the field Release file, The compressed file associated with the stored directory path will be filled in automatically. Free PDF Compressor saves your compressed files in the source directory and renames the file by adding a note .Compressed.


3. Select the compression settings

Area Settings Window Panels combining different sizes of abbreviations available in the program:

Screen 72 dpi corresponds to enough resolution to display on a screen

Ebook 150 dpi is considered medium resolution, low quality, but generally sufficient for printable text.

Printer300 dpi high resolution, for printing

Press 300 dpi is a high resolution resolution with color protection. This resolution is commonly used by printing professionals

To summarize the document that contains the main text, please select the position Ebook 150dpi. The quality of your file displayed on the screen should not change and should be fully readable when your document is printed.

Collapse PDF Windows

4. Exercise pressure

Once the compression parameters are selected, click the button Compressor. The application will compress your document and automatically save it to the source directory. A pop-up will appear when the compression process is complete. Click the button OK.

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However, if the quality of the received file is not to your taste, you can restart the compression process on your initial file by adjusting the selected summary upwards.

How to compress PDF file in MacOS?

On MacOS, you can use a small free app that can be downloaded directly from the Mac App Store. Lightweight PDF, That’s its name, it’s a very lightweight tool in which you have to drag a heavy PDF to compress it. Be careful though, Lightweight PDF Does not allow for maneuver. You can not play with any compression parameters. Also, the abstract will overwrite the original file after it has been applied. Do not forget to copy your PDF document before any action.

Those who do not want to worry about extra usage on their Mac can easily use the preview to compress their PDFs. The application actually integrates the compression tool available from the menu File> Export. This is a quartz filter labeled for reducing file size.

Unfortunately, when used with its default settings, the quartz filter uses too much compression, which blurs the images and makes the text difficult to read. Nevertheless, it is possible to change the parameters of this filter very easily. Here’s how.

1. Open the ColorSync application

For those who do not want to worry about additional application, it is quite possible to use a preview of your PDF documents. MacOS embeds the application ColorSync, which allows you to manage and use color profiles to ensure that the colors of your images are always the same regardless of the screen on which they are displayed. Only from this application can you convert popular quartz filters, including file size reduction.

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So open up ColorSync Enter his name SpotlightOr from FinderBy going Applications > Applications > ColorSync application.

Collapse PDF Magos

2. Copy the size reduction filter

In the application window ColorSyncSelect the tab FiltersAnd then online Decrease the file sizeClick the Copy button indicated by two exaggerated rectangles.

Collapse PDF Magos

3. Edit the duplicate filter

Copy of the filter Decrease the file size Should then appear in the list Custom filters. Click the arrow to expand the filter tree, then expand the section trees Image sample And Image Summary. In Image sampleCheck the option Set the resolution And set the default (72 pixels / inch) to a minimum 150 pixels / inch. Then uncheck the option Limit size.

Collapse PDF Magos

Down, inside Image Summary, Adjust the quality to three-quarters. Finally, click a button Lock Open to lock your custom filter.

4. Summarize your PDF

Open your PDF IntelligenceAnd then click File And select Export. In the window that appears, select the Save directory, give your document a name and then a line Quartz filterClick and select the drop-down menu The quartz filter you copied and modified. Finally click the button to record. Your file size should now be minimized and the quality of your document preserved.

Collapse PDF Magos

For our manipulation, the scanned document in PDF format had an initial weight of 13.9 MB, which can be reduced to 1.7 MB with sufficient quality to display on screen and print on paper.