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Xbox Live is back online, issues have been fixed

Xbox Live is back online, issues have been fixed

Microsoft has announced it through its official social channels Xbox Live Faces preventable issues Fortnight Chapter 2, Call of Duty Warson, FIFA 21 And other products online.

Seems to be worried about the issues section “Account and Profile” Also, according to what Redmond reported on the portal that informs users about the status of servers, it is not certain that access to online services is possible, but you may suddenly experience disconnections or crashes.

Here is the official description of the site’s problem:

“You may have problems logging in to your Xbox profile, it may be disconnected when logging in or have other related issues. Most games, apps, and social activities do not have the features you need to sign in.”

We do not currently know the waiting time for a solution to the problem, but Microsoft has confirmed that the technical team is aware of the situation and is working to resolve it as soon as possible. In short, if you encounter problems for a few minutes, it may be a malfunction of the service servers without your connection.

You know about that Thanks to the latest Xbox Series X and S update you will no longer accidentally open Xbox Help?

UpdateProblems are solved Also the Xbox Live operating system is fully functional.

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