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Xbox Game Pass on PS5 and Nintendo Switch? Those who do not like it, Phil Spencer – re-emphasize

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, confirms for the fifteenth timeXbox Game Boss not that PS5 Oh Nintendo Switch This is not Microsoft’s fault. Implicitly, though, in an interview with GameStrador +, he made it clear that Nintendo and Sony did not like it.

When asked directly about the possibility of having an Xbox Game Pass on the Nintendo Switch, Spencer replied: “This is the right question, because people ask me about the beginning of this or that game. I will always respond that the full Xbox experience should be available. There are no plans to bring the Xbox app to other closed sites at this time because it is closed sites that do not like the Xbox Game Pass. There are many open sites that allow us to grow: the web, PC and mobile. So our efforts are on these sites.

Spencer He understood why other sites did not like the Xbox Game Pass, but reiterated it: “When we say that we want everyone to play on the Xbox, if we could bring the whole experience to the player-favorite devices, we would be completely open to conversation.

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