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Xbox Game Pass on Nintendo Switch?  The email from Bill Spencer ~ Pokemon Millennium might reveal it

Xbox Game Pass on Nintendo Switch? The email from Bill Spencer ~ Pokemon Millennium might reveal it

Recently Rumor A collaboration between Nintendo and Microsoft Has caught the attention of fans. L ‘Xbox Game Boss It is definitely one Excellent resource For gamers, e Nintendo Switch It will become the perfect platform for this service; After all, streaming Microsoft Landed Cell phone It has already proven that a small system is best suited for its function. The hybrid nature of Nintendo Switch Know how to use the full potential of Xbox Game Boss, e Bill Spencer, Administrative director Xbox, He knows better. He is campaigning to activate the service New sites, One of his shows Mail It has been released recently Twitter.

This may seem strange, but it starts from the legal conflict between the invention of these reports Apple e epic game. The latter company, in fact, challenges the multinational company founded by Steve Jobs Fortnight Will be reactivated in its digital stores; She Removal Being in the game of payment system does not respect its rules Apple. For the purposes of the case, several matches were seen in between Tim Sweeney, CEO Epic game, And other major video game personalities in the case of the Apple line. One of these emails was sent Bill Spencer, He replied that he is involved in other projects:

I owe you a lot and I am behind with my plans. […] I wanted to let you know that what you are bringing is right xCloud Its Other sites (I have not yet given up), except for playing for free from Gold (we will get it, I would like to cooperate with you) and our ideas for the store, I would like to review with you before.

Bill Spencer is a Tim Sweeney

There is mail Reliable, Because this is two pieces of evidence for the case Epic game Against Apple, Is the anticipation of a recent decision Release I Free to play From the subscription of Xbox Live Gold. Of course Bill Spencer, when talking about “other sites”, did not refer to mobile phones; In the first half of the email, he had already mentioned his agreements Samsung And with Apple, Because the latter was the point of correspondence between the two merchants. They remain the same for a deal with Microsoft Sony and Nintendo, And only the latter are actually rumors Insists. We will see.

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