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This new Lenovo tablet can be paired with a Nintendo Switch

Lenovo Not soonCan egg tablet Further Act as a screen for game consoles. The company, in fact, shared the image of the Android tablet on Weibo in an unprecedented way HDMI port, No one Nintendo Switch.

Tablet that can act as a monitor

The verse says that there is no more information on the next tablet signed by Lenovo, on the contrary. Details are lacking. New device image shared from the moment Lenovo YogaHowever, we can assume that the tablet will be a part of this particular series.

It is also true that much credit is levied for this hypothesis Most dThe Lenovo Yoga Series is over Have integrated stand / tripod, Which would also be the best solution to use the device as a screen to connect to a game console, in this case Nintendo Switch.

According to rumors, this Lenovo tablet with HDMI port is no other Lenovo Yoga X. Leaked some time ago, the device can also act as an external monitor.

However, the information available at this time does not give confidence for the immediate release of the tablet.

Lenovo also has another “Pro” tablet in the works

However, this is not the only tablet in the Lenovo pipeline. In fact, the company has also released a series of information related to the new Tablet with Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor And OLED display with 1600 x 2560 pixel resolution and 90 Hz refresh rate.

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The tablet has a brightness of 600 nights, supports HDR10 and Dolbyvision and runs one Modified version of Windows 10 For ARM processors.

The tablet in question is being introduced under the name in China Xiaox Bad Pro 2021, But it often comes under another name in other markets. Lenovo has not released the details yet, but if it is a “Pro” model, it should not be a cheap tablet in theory.