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Layton Achievement: Cadrell and DX + Millionaire plot announced and dated in Japan

Layton Achievement: Cadrell and DX + Millionaire plot announced and dated in Japan

Initially released in 2017 on smartphones and 3DS before returning to the switch in 2018-2019 depending on your region, Level-5 still does not seem to want to do anything new with Cadriel Layton. In fact, the developer has announced the release Layton Achievement: Cadrell and DX + Millionaire plot Coming July 8th in Japan. And for those who are expecting a more significant bonus this time around than the first editions of 2017 and the DX version of 2019, think again, this is definitely a question that will end at the end of the month of growth Inasuma is eleven. This “plus” version is simply enriched with a new card description, but also has the option to choose between the original voices of the game or the cast of the animated series that aired in Japan between 2018 and 2019. Owners of previous editions can purchase this possibility in DLC format, at least in Japan, as our version has FR dubbing by default. Next time we talk about Layton, we’ll introduce you to something new.

We will not hide the fact that the goal is to catch a few junk food by surfing specifically based on the celebrity that the character of Katriel might have thanked for the performance of the famous voice actor Hanazawa Kana in the role of Ariel instead of Arimura. Kasumi in the original version. This is one of the few other cast changes between the original game version and the anime series. Below we leave you with an introduction to the anime series in its anime version with a light juice of Cadrell’s voice.

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